I’m not sure if these are monoprints, as when I searched for videos on Youtube, every single video had a different technique. But then maybe monoprinting isn’t a specific technique, but just a description of any way of getting a single print?

Anyway, this is a little collaboration with my three year old daughter, who loves drawing. I took a couple of her pictures and produced monoprints of them. I think they have a vaguely sinister quality, but at any rate are full of character.

It was such a pleasure to do something that’s quick and easy rather than the more lengthy and involved projects I’ve been doing a lot of recently.

And then I did a few sketches, which I used to call squiggly pictures but now realise that the proper term for them is blind contour drawings. Annoyingly you can still see the imprint of earlier pictures on these prints – little ghosts.

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