Hatex Latex

It has been a real struggle, trying to turn my Kobold character into a practical puppet (see Hobgoblinoid, Gnarly Mould and Kobold) – I clearly made the latex layers too thick, and now its hard to manipulate in any way.

I have cut through his mouth, and I added a floppy tongue, which was a nice chunky flap of latex that I cut off from his throat, to allow a hand in. It gives him a bit of a Jabba the Hutt vibe, but I don’t mind that.

I also sewed on a piece of foam to create the tube shape. I’m not sure if sewing it made any sense, but I was worried that glue might not hold. I will cover up the foam sections and joins with other things – maybe fur or other latex pieces, I haven’t decided yet. All stuff that probably should be considered at the design stage! Lesson learned for next time.

I’m also considering abandoning this incarnation, and re-casting in thinner latex. We’ll see…

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