Robbie Redcap

Having got the taste for making puppets with latex (Kobold) I thought I’d give it another try as it has been so much fun.

This fellow is going to be a Redcap. These are nasty little Nothumbrian goblins who live in ruined castles, and will make a sticky end of anyone who comes wandering into their lair. The Redcap gets his name because of his habit of dipping it in the blood of his victims. Some traditions have it that he must do this regularly or he will die.

The original sculpt is in plasticine, and I’ve made a plaster mould to cast it in latex.

I’ve used latex-soaked strips of hessian to build a thicker layer. Kobold is too thick but I realise now that that’s because the latex I was using was so old and gloopy already.

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