Crimson Killer

Robbie Redcap is out of his mould! I feel like this is a good thickness of latex, I’m not sure how many layers I did but I would guess around 10 including a layer of latex-soaked hessian.

The gnarly blobs of latex that worked really well on Meatflaps don’t feel right for Robbie so I’ve snipped off the ones that I can. There’s still a big chunk that I think is too conjoined to slice off, but I’ll aim to cover that with some kind of beard.

The mouth was easy enough to cut and now I’ll make a mouthpiece that will somehow be attached so I can open and close his mouth.

I had hoped there’d be enough grip on the forehead to be able to give it some expression, but there isn’t, and even if there was I don’t think it would be a convincing movement.

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