Ear Relics

I couldn’t bring myself to part with the latex offcuts from some recent projects (Meat Head, Crimson Killer), as I really liked their fleshiness, and this idea arose from just trying to find fun ways to use them up. Painted and glued to cotton buds, these are grotesque little fleshy lumps that appear to have been scooped out of some poor wretches’ ears!

The idea sort of started by thinking about the weird Catholic relics you get of, for instance, the elbow joint of St Eustasia, or the brainstem of St Corumbard, etc. and when travelling in South America I’d occasionally come across a little desert shrine with a jam jar holding various assorted bits, including the odd bone. There’s an abject potency to the mix of the spiritual/ritual, and of the viscerally human. I sort of would like to include it in a box of stuff left with a charity shop – an idea I’ve loved since Family Album.

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