Impossible Things

Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

I’ve got an idea rolling around in my mind. Pretty much everyone ever has been inspired by Alice in Wonderland and has spun from it their own ideas. I like Jan Svankmajer‘s adaptation which manages to be somehow weird and weirdly mundane at the same time. The Disney version also has an interesting unpalatableness about it.

Anyway, when my wife was giving birth to our son she hallucinated that she was in Wonderland and that the baby was the caterpillar making its way down through her body, and this made me think that for her Wonderland became the borderland of birth, that she had to travel there to find our child and bring him to this world.

So there’s no real story there yet, but just some ideas, and I thought if I play with those ideas as pictures I might somehow pull a story together. So far, not working, but give it time…

Alice has had many hundreds of illustrators over the years. The original was John Tenniel, whose images are so great, and who I have chosen to be one inspiration for my attempts. It feels nice to at least try and capture that feel, and also interesting to represent this world of extreme colour and strangeness in black and white, or perhaps some muted washes.

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