Five Hundred

It hardly seems any time since my 400th post, although it’s been six months. In that time I’ve mainly focussed on drawing/ illustration and making my Halloween projects.

Certainly in the sculpting side of things I feel like I suddenly had a big leap forward (it may be far from perfect, but I was so happy with this head). The illustration stuff has been much slower progress, but I refuse to be defeated and I feel that I’ll try and push this over the next hundred posts.

I’ve still got several outstanding Domestika projects to crack on with, and a few other ideas bubbling away. And now that I’ve finally gotten around to going to life drawing classes hopefully I’ll see some improvement in my drawing and sculpture generally.

All in all, after my December hiatus, I am feeling creative and motivated again. To celebrate here is a silly picture of an alligator that I did and a butterfly drawn by my daughter, both in those lovely rich watercolour crayons.

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