Moonlit Landscape

Nothing very exciting, but just an attempt to see what would happen if I tried to draw more of a landscape with pastels on black paper.

I tell myself that it’s cartoony and satisfying in a children’s-book-illustration sort of way, but I suspect I am making excuses. Or at least, if this is true then I need to get the courage to draw some action into the scene. I feel like it does belong in the same world as The Dark Forest and Winter Light.

The truth is I haven’t got a clue where to even begin with landscapes or nature. Maybe I should find a course!! I think that what I have learned generally is that I need to keep going, that something like this picture is not finished and I should really continue to develop it and play with it and see what happens and how the medium builds up. But the problem is that when I feel it’s not going well I start to lose patience and want to move on.

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