A Game of Two Halves

I’ve cracked open my Jenny Greenteeth mold, but in my unending uselessness with molds, it has crumbled in places and not separated very cleanly. Maybe I did it too early and it was still soft. It is a big old chunk of plaster, and my workshop is in our very leaky and cold conservatory.

I suspect there is little point in trying to put the two halves back together, so my plan is to either just use the front face half and crate a half-puppet like Meat Head and Robbie Redcap, or create two halves with the front and back, and stitch them together somehow. I like this second plan best, but the back half is more cracked, and I suspect that the latex would leak. Maybe if I brush a couple of layers on before pouring more then that will be enough to seal it?!

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