Making Stuff Up

This week I started a new short course at Arts University Bournemouth called Special Effects Makeup – An Introduction. It was my 40th birthday gift from friends and family. When I first started this blog it coincided with me starting a short modelmaking course there, which was amazing.

I had forgotten how exhausting it was meeting new people and absorbing new information, although maybe part of my tiredness is that I’m still recovering from my burst appendix. It seems like a fun gang of people with lots of ideas.

Anyway, week one was all about introductions and starting to design a two piece makeup including a flat piece and a prosthetic nose. It’s hard to start when you don’t fully understand the process of making, but I came up with a few ideas.

Plague Victim

Scarred Dwarf:

Venetian Clown creature:

Bulbous vegetable face:

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