Silicone Carne

This week (week3) on the Special Effects Makeup course, we made silicone moulds for the sculpts we created last week and just about managed to pour silicone for the cast by the end of the session, but it was a bit of a breathless rush to get there.

This is really the great advantage of doing a course like this, by which I mean that you can see the process in action and ask questions. Somehow I find it really hard to learn from books and articles, and even videos. Not sure I’ll ever be able to afford all the products to be able to do this from home, but I think it’s reasonable to hope for a modest lottery win, and when I do at least I’ll have a rough idea of what I’m doing.

I also got to know the group a little bit better, there’s such amazing stories and skills among them, and people going through really difficult and traumatic times, and people who’s confidence in their own identity is an inspiration, it’s just a really interesting mix of different people at different stages of life, with such different approaches to the same creative challenge.

My creative activity is usually so solitary and insular that it’s really lovely to spend time being arty with other human beings.

Here are some not terribly inspiring images of the moulding process.

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