Chronic Bubonic

The second session of my Special Effects Make Up short course has gone well. It was a couple of hours of solid sculpting, which was remarkably intense but fun, and I still only ended up with something really small. We sculpted with chavant clay, and the idea is to create a flat piece that can eventually be glued to someone’s face or body.

I decided to go for the pustulous, disease-ridden idea, and the aim was to sculpt some lumpy pustules and broken oozing skin. Not sure I really succeeded, I think maybe I should have gone more extreme. Anyway, I’m not sure how successful it’ll be I think until I cast it.

5 thoughts on “Chronic Bubonic

  1. I’m fascinated to see how this turns out. I’ve never done anything like this, but these photos are looking good – the cracks and the pitting give a real broken feel to the skin. And sometimes less extreme can be more effective, especially when it gives you the opportunity to highlight the contrast between ‘normal’ and ‘unexpected’, ‘healthy’ and ‘decaying’…


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