Rough Patch

Special Effects Make Up Week 4

This was the week of the grand reveal of our first silicone prosthetic pieces. Mine felt really very thin, which I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, but it made it hard not to get wrinkles when applying it, and I also found it really hard to see the textures I had tried to sculpt, i,e. what was a sculpted welt, and what was a kink in the prosthetic.

We had to apply the piece to one of our colleagues, and I worked with Becky to ensure that she looked as disease-riddled as possible. It wasn’t really part of the instructions to blend the piece in, and apart from giving my daughter a Black Eye I have never used makeup in my life, so please don’t judge my technique!

We will cast another of the same piece for the final makeup for week 10, so I can try and brush up on my skills in the meantime.

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