Spirit Signals

And here is my final final Create Your Universe project to complete the Unlock Your Creativity course I’ve been doing – a series of spirit beings inspired by masked cultures from around the world, drawn in a mix of media and styles.

A sort of evolution from my Wildfolk post.

A lot of different societies have a masking culture, sometimes channelling ancestors in order to keep connected with your heritage and to maintain an unbroken line of tradition and laws; sometimes channelling spirits, both kind and capricious; sometimes used to scare away spirits; sometimes representing the powers that create or threaten the community; and sometimes purely for performance. They sometimes hide a person, sometimes reveal them, but most often transform them, and the place where one thing becomes another is really interesting to me.

Have I improved? Hard to say, but I haven’t got worse, and I’ve learned a few things along the way, and it’s been really brilliant fun, highly recommended!

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