Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite

Here is page one of my pop up book. This is sort of for a Domestika course I’m doing, but I’ve gone rogue and am following my own theme as I struggled to connect with the actual task on the course.

The challenge of this one was to get the bugs to fold nicely together. There’s still a few slightly squashed limbs, and there’s no way that they’ll last a single round with my one year old.

I was hoping to incorporate some latex into the design, to add a sort of grotesque texture, but I couldn’t really figure out a way, and anything I tried was too thick to shut the page. I guess I could try just painting it on thinly to the card and see if that looks any good.

It was much more time consuming than I anticipated and involved a lot of experimenting and figuring out even though I had done a practice version before.

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