Colourful Folk

Well, I’m back, after a bit of a break. I had to focus more on work, as well as all the usual Christmas prep, and I suddenly found it really difficult to create anything. I wanted to, but just couldn’t, and I found it incredibly depressing.

And then after Christmas it was so hard to get the momentum back, so I had a major tidy of my little workshop, and now I’m ready to start making some stuff again. There was some bits and pieces that I was doing in early December when my motivation was fading away, which I didn’t post at the time, so I’ll start posting those, as I am sure it will take me a while to really get back in the groove with new stuff. But I wanted to herald my reappearance with something a bit bold.

I told myself that the thing to do was to slap some colour onto a canvas and just see what happened, and it was this – a painting of the Mari Lwyd, a Welsh winter folk tradition.

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