A Walk on the Wild Side

I love going for walks with the kids although they are still a bit little for long walks. Anyway, I thought I might try and bring a playful creative perspective to walks and try to find ways to respond to my walks in my art.

There is so much imagination that the kids in particular bring to the walks we go on, of what might be behind a wall, or how that hole appeared in a fence, or who might live in the weird derelict house on the edge of the park, or the big log by the river that’s actually a crocodile. So there must be a way of exploring both the real, earthy experience of a walk, as well as the alternative imaginary universe that we discover at the same time.

I guess this might end up being a sort of psychogeographic exercise, which I’ve tried to explore a bit in the past in Seaside Psychogeography and my London pub crawl, although I never feel I’ve particularly managed to either define or really understand what it all means.

For the first piece of work in my exploration, I have gone for something not hugely ambitious and have made a sort of, I don’t know what you’d call it really, a collage? An assembly of objects found on a walk just around the vicinity of where I live on a painted canvas background. I guess it’s about the earthiness, the muddy textures, the twisted trees. The glassy shattered shards are a manmade intrusion, but broken, trodden down into the ground, and maybe a bit insect like, a beetle shell or a fly’s eye.

Anyway, something a bit different for me.

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