Walk Relics

Here’s a second picture trying to capture and represent my walks in a visual way. I did one for a previous post, and just thought I’d have another go.

I’m still not a hundred percent into this but I feel like there’s something bubbling away in there. I guess these are sketches, trying to feel my way through an idea, or to an idea. Taking an idea for a walk 🙂

I feel like perhaps there’s not enough texture. I wonder if introducing text might help. Or maybe photos? I could try cyanotypes again perhaps, and incorporate some of the plants and things found on a walk, or Polaroids?

Here is an egg, an interesting twig and a mermaids purse, which to be honest I didn’t actually find on the walk but a friend gave it and I liked it, so I stuck it on.

7 thoughts on “Walk Relics

  1. I love your colour palette, earthy with a hint of fire, and the white is reminiscent of breaking waves (appropriate for the mermaid’s purse)… Have you tried using texture (molding) paste or crackle paste? It might be easier to visually integrate the found objects if there was more depth in places on the painting… Or maybe play with arranging the found objects closer together? Just the first thoughts that come to mind….


    1. Hello Crafty R, Thank you for commenting, yes I think I agree with all your ideas. I’ve never heard of texture or crackle paste, but I’ll look them up, I think anything to boost the texture and depth would make more effective and satisfying images.


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