Evidence of a Walk

I experimented a little bit last year in how to try and turn walking into a creative activity or at least how to turn the experience of a walk into some kind of artwork (Walking Sticks, Walk Relics, Walk on the Wild Side). It all felt a bit unsatisfactory, so I have returned to the theme with another attempt.

This is a sort of slightly abstract landscape with a grid of bags containing scraps of things that I have collected on walks on my nearby heath. I found that filling every square in the grid was too much, so I took a few out.

I tried to add in some illegible bits of text and numbers to add to the quasi scientific impression but maybe didn’t do enough. Anyway, the result still doesn’t work for me, I guess maybe it’s still too literal? Time to try another approach…

This one has less reflections

2 thoughts on “Evidence of a Walk

  1. I like the idea of displaying the found objects like scientific specimens, adding another layer of meaning to them. It started me thinking of ways of presenting small items – have you ever tried using resin? It might be interesting to try encapsulating some pieces in small resin blocks…


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