Gnarly Mould

Here’s the next stage of Project Hobgoblinoid, a latex puppet creature thing. Having sculpted the head in the previous post, here is the mould. Made by drizzling plaster on the sculpt and then building up layers of thicker plaster over a scrim layer, it wasn’t really a success. I think the plaster under the scrim was too thin and I suspect some of the detail has been lost. But maybe that will help enhance the gnarly look I’m going for.

Then I poured a layer of latex and used a brush to try and get it right into the cracks. Then, based on a random YouTube video I found, I put in a layer of latex soaked hessian to strengthen the whole thing. God knows if it will work, I am currently waiting for it to dry and then maybe I’ll do another latex layer? It’s pretty much guess work at this stage!

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